Mexican Feasts at home with Tio Pablo

Mexican Feasts at home with Tio Pablo

Tío Pablo is New Zealand’s answer to authentic Mexican cuisine.  Tio Pablo, “Uncle Paul” (named after a special and lovely man), was founded in 2006. They started with a temperamental and tiny machine producing corn tortillas for specialty shops in the Auckland area.  Faine Alexander, founder, grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has a passion for cooking with traditional Mexican flavours, in a new world way.

By sourcing from Mexico, California and New Zealand, she has created both high
quality and authentic products, extensively growing the Tio Pablo range to what it is now.

Tio Pablo is also a distributor for La Morena, a Mexican manufacturer of high-end, canned refried beans, chillis and salsas, made the old fashioned way.

Products from both Tio Pablo and La Morena are gluten free and most products
are also vegan. Both companies strive to use the highest possible quality ingredients in their products.

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