Vision and Values

There's so much unnecessary waste in the world, we believe it is important to encourage people to just buy what they need.  We offer a number of refillery options in store.  Our bulk food section coves baking staples including bulk vital gluten and savoury yeast.  We have an Eco Store refillery station with essentials such as Handwash, Dish Washing Liquid, Laundry Products, Shampoo and Conditioner and more.  In addition we also offer refilling of Culley's NZ made sauces in store.  Bring your own container, grab a recycled glass jar or get one of our compostable tubs or bags.

Robinson’s loves supporting NZ producers and because of this we have a great range of pantry supplies and condiments made by passionate people who have a genuine love for their products. We are always on the lookout for more awesome NZ made plant based products – if you know of a great product you think we should stock then let us know!  
We also hand select products imported from overseas to ensure that our customers have a great variety and range to choose from.  

Animal rights are at the core of our business as well as the care and protection of our environment and the health of our people.  It is important to us to provide people with a selection of Health products, superfoods and supplements to help boost immunity and supporting the health of our community near and far. 
There may be a number of plant based and vegan products that we don't stock in store, some products we have decided not to stock fro a number of ethical and health reasons including:
  • Ingredients that aren't considered safe or are linked to health concerns
  • GMO ingredients.  Although many people are fine with GMO ingredients, we don't support their use and prefer to only stock GMO free products and favour organic where possible
  • Unethical Company or practices.  With plant based foods booming world wide many companies that produce products are actually owned by companies that have pretty bad rap sheets for environmental or ethical violations. 
We try to research products and their companies as much as possible before stocking them in store.  We aren't perfect and we understand other companies might not be either so we look at a number of factors when researching new products.

We really care about the environment at Robinson’s which is why all our packaging is as eco friendly as possible.  Our deli uses a Wedderburn scale with linerless printer labels, these reduce barcode sticker waste and eliminate the non-recyclable label liner that goes to the landfill.   We use printed deli paper that is fully biodegradable and printed with soy based inks by Allens Paper.  Our deli bags are made by Ecopack, they are home compostable and printed with water based inks.  We will continually be striving to make sure our environmental impact is as low as possible.
If you order online from us your food will be delivered in a recycled box.  Chilled orders will be sent with ice packs that are filled with 100% NZ water, not gel, so these can either be reused or have the water drained in the sink or garden and then recycled in soft plastics unlike gel ice packs where the gel must go to the landfill.  Any packaging sent to us by suppliers is reused or recycled and we may add these into your boxes to help with packing of fragile items.

We want people to feel safe and comfortable that when they shop online or come into the store that whether they are fully plant based, have a dairy or egg allergy or avoid certain products for religious purposes that they can rest assured they don’t need to read labels like a hawk to check for hidden ingredients.  We've done the work for you, so you can shop easily and safely.
Although major chain supermarkets have great ranges for vegans and allergy wise eaters these days they don’t stock it all and people often find themselves having to go to or order from a number of places to get all their requirements.  We want to be able to offer a wide but concise range to suit all your needs.