Barkers Tomato Sauce Sweetened w Fruit & Veges 540g

0.81 kg

Made with 91% New Zealand fruit & veges, our naturally sweetened better tomato sauce is sweetened with just New Zealand pear & juice concentrate.


Barker’s Sweetened with Fruit & Veges Tomato Sauce is a great tasting family sauce that you feel good about putting on the table – made with heaps of NZ tomatoes but 50% less sugar and 30% less salt than the market leading sauce. A traditional home-made style tomato sauce that delivers true Kiwi flavour. 



New Zealand fruit & vegetable concentrates 91% (tomatoes 77%, pear & carrot juice), white vinegar, salt, cornflour, citric acid, yeast extract, natural flavour, herbs, spices, herbs, onion powder.


Made in Aotearoa