Gluten Free Quick Mix Pizza Base 350g

0.365 kg

The Gluten Free Food Co Quick Mix Pizza Base


The Gluten Free Food Co Quick Mix Pizza Base is a vegan-friendly, paleo and gluten-free pizza base mix that creates a wholesome and full flavoured base that's ready for all your favourite toppings. Made using a combination of natural and organic ingredients, including organic buckwheat, coconut and green banana flours, this quick mix pizza base is both nutritious and delicious. Organic golden flax meal and chia seeds have also been added to help keep you fuller for longer.


Why not make a batch of pizza bases and par bake for 15 minutes and pop into the freezer for a quick standby meal. Gourmet pizza's make perfect canapes and you can also adapt the mix to make focaccia.


Size: 350g Bag (Makes 8x22cm Pizza Bases)



Wholemeal Gluten Free Flour (Organic Coconut Flour, Organic Buckwheat Flour, Australian Green Banana Flour), Organic Tapioca Flour, Organic Golden Flaxmeal, Organic Psyllium, Organic Black Chia Seed, Baking Powder, Australian Cane Fibre Yeast.


Made in Australia