Granoro Gluten Free Sedani 400g

0.45 kg



Granoro Gluten Free pastas are made using gluten-free ingredients such as millet, rice flour, corn flour or pseudocereals such as quinoa. It has a smell and taste typical of corn, slightly softened by the rice flour and vegetable notes from the quinoa.


Quinoa has been added to balance the intake of fibre, mineral salts and protein, which are lacking in rice and corn.


The three types of flour used give the pasta a yellow colour very similar to that of durum wheat pasta instead of the glassy yellow colour often attributed to other makes. The pasta also remains firm after cooking and has a rough surface that binds well with sauces.



Ingredients: Corn flour, rice flour, quinoa flour (3%), emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids.




May contain traces of lupin and soya.


Made in Italy