Namya Curry Paste 400g


Cock Brand Namya Curry Paste


Namya curry or kanom jeen (name of the thin rice noodle), nam ya curry, popularly called noodle with fish sauce, is easy to prepare, and its flavor is influenced by added vegetables. It is good choice for people who start with cooking Thai dishes at home, vegetarians and those who care about a healthy diet. The name of this curry comes from the word Nam, which the Thai describe what is in the liquid, and Ya – the medicine, which refers to the herbs that are added to the dish. The main ingredient which makes it different from other popular Thai curries is krachai or Chinese ginger. In some parts of Thailand nam ya curry is a traditional New Year’s dish.


Storage: Keep in a cool dry place.



Dried red chilli (47%), galangal (13%), garlic (10%), lemongrass (10%), schallot (8%), salt (8%), rhizome (kra-chai) (4%)


Made in Thailand