Tom & Luke Cacao, Mint and Almond Snackaballs 70g

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Tom and Luke Snackaballs Cacao, Mint and Almond 70g

The Cacao, Mint & Almond Snackaball is an exhilarating breath of freshness!

Using the only the finest Peppermint Oil & Cacao Powder, we’ve created a balanced choc/mint hit to pick you up at any time of day

Perfect mid-morning, mid afternoon or as a little boost before or after some exercise,  Snackaballs are the healthier snack option to get you through the day.



Dates (56%), Almonds (21%), Desiccated Coconut (8.7%), Cacao Powder (8.4%), Raisins (5.1%), Peppermint oil (.2%)


Product of Aotearoa